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Highlights of Sisu Kids Vitamin D Chewable

  • The recommended daily maximum amount
  • Great-tasting, banana-strawberry vitamin treat

Vitamin D is produced naturally in the body when our skin is exposed to strong sunlight. However, in the northern hemisphere, this type of light is not available during much of the year, therefore Canadians are at a greater risk of deficiency or sub-optimal levels. Maintaining adequate vitamin D levels is particularly important in children as growing bodies need it for the proper absorption of calcium and its retention in the bones.

The latest research on vitamin D focuses on the additional benefits it provides to children. Inadequate vitamin D levels can make the gut more prone to colonization by pathogenic bacteria and have been linked to incidence of childhood allergies and asthma and with an increased risk of developing chronic conditions later in life, including some types of cancers and auto-immune diseases. Vitamin D is recommended for children of all ages to help build strong bones and teeth. SISU makes supplementing their diet easy with delicious, banana strawberry flavoured Kids Vitamin D chewable tablets.

  • Each tablet provides 1000 IU of vitamin D, the recommended daily maximum amount for children and infants
  • Vitamin D3, the preferred and most-researched form derived from lanolin from sheep’s wool
  • Great-tasting chewable tablet with natural banana-strawberry
  • flavour and all-natural sweeteners
  • Vitamin D is essential to calcium absorption and helps support bone density and reduce fractures

1000IU 90 Chewable Tablets Strawberry Banana Flavour