Sisu Stress Rescue Cherry Chewables

Sisu Stress Rescue Cherry Chewables

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Highlights of Sisu Stress Rescue Cherry Chewables

  • Relieves anxiety, reduces stress, promotes relaxation
  • Fast acting, effects last for hours
  • Non-sedating and non-habit forming
  • High-potency capsule or rapidly-absorbed chewable

Many of us face stressful situations every day that cause worry, anxiety, and decrease our quality of life. Some potentially stressful situations such as traffic, relationships, giving presentations, or attending important meetings are predictable stressors that we can often prepare for in advance. However, other stresses such as being confronted with something we fear, hearing bad news, or a traffic accident may occur suddenly and without warning.  Over time, repeated stress can have cumulative negative effects onour mental and physical health, which can contribute to cardiovascular disease, impaired immunity, headaches, insomnia, and even depression.

Prescription drugs such as anti-anxiety medications and sleep aids may be used to deal with some aspects of stress, but they only mask symptoms and come with the risk of serious side effects.

SISU Stress Rescue features L-Theanine, a safe, natural remedy that has
been helping people deal more effectively with stress for hundreds of years
and modern human research has proven its therapeutic effects.

  • L-Theanine is a natural amino acid naturally found in green tea and derived through bacterial fermentation for supplements
  • Suntheanine® brand, free amino acid (most easily absorbed form), used in most of the clinical studies
  • Balances brain neurotransmitters (which communicate information between nerve cells) and stimulates the alpha brain waves present when we are alert yet relaxed
  • Reduces anxiety and makes stressful situations more manageable
  • Promotes relaxation without drowsiness
  • Improves quality of sleep by reducing stress felt during the day
  • Improves mental focus and performance without over-stimulation
  • Reduces caffeine jitters
  • Absorbed as needed, starts working rapidly, effects last for hour

30 Chewable Tablets Cherry Flavour