Natural Factors RegenerLife Powder

Natural Factors RegenerLife Powder

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81g powder 

  • Helps increase energy production (ATP) at the cellular level
  • Helps maintain cardiovascular health, cognitive health, and brain function
  • Assists in reducing symptoms of fatigue
  • Supports positive effects on perceived stress, such as pain, fatigue, sleeplessness, and irritability
  • Supports the body’s antioxidant defence systems by providing L-glutathione and the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase

Medicinal Ingredients

Each serving (2.7 g) contains:
Acetyl-L-carnitine (N-acetyl-L-carnitine hydrochloride) 1500 mg
Coenzyme Q10 (microorganism) 300 mg
ElevATPTM 150 mg 150 mg
Ancient peat extract 148 .5 mg
Apple extract 85:1 (Malus domestica) (fruit) 1 .5 mg
Opitac® L-glutathione 100 mg
S.O.D Extramel® complex (cantaloupe (Cucumis melo subsp. melo var. cantalupo) (fruit)) 10 mg
Superoxide dismutase (S.O.D) 140 IU

Non-Medicinal Ingredients

Natural flavour, purified stevia leaf extract, shellac gum.

Suggested Use

Helps increase energy production (ATP) at the cellular level. Helps sustain the function of endogenous antioxidant defence systems by providing the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase. Helps support cardiovascular, cognitive, and brain health. Helps reduce the symptoms of stress such as pain, fatigue, sleeplessness, weariness, irritability, and quality of life (physical and mental health conditions). Helps improve strength and power in repetitive bouts of brief, highly intense physical activity. May help increase muscle size when used in conjunction with resistance training. Provides antioxidants that help protect against the oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

Mitochondria, affectionately known as the powerhouse of the cells, are responsible for generating ATP, which fuels the body. Think of mitochondria like turbines ;they are one of the primary producers of energy that every cell in our body needs to function ;and therefore are critical for brain, muscle, and heart health. RegenerLife is formulated with powerful, targeted nutritional compounds shown to optimize mitochondrial function.