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Sisu Dophilus Plus Kids Chewable
Sisu Dophilus Plus Kids Chewable

Sisu Dophilus Plus Kids Chewable

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Highlights of Sisu Dophilus Plus Kids Chewable

  • Great-tasting probiotic treat kids will love
  • Delicious natural cherry taste
  • All-natural flavours and naturally sweetened

Kids’ Dophilus Plus Chewable has Specially chosen strains of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli help improve digestion and absorption of nutrients from food,

Babies are born with an intestinal tract that is virtually sterile. Soon after birth, bacteria begin to colonize the entire gastrointestinal (GI) system and form the unique and complex blend of both “good” and “bad” bacteria that are so critical to our health. Unfortunately, this bacterial balance is easily upset, particularly in babies and young children because of how they explore their world. For example, dirty fingers in the mouth, illness, or a course of antibiotics can introduce disease-causing bacteria. This causes the probiotic or healthy bacteria in the intestine to be overwhelmed, which can quickly lead to an excess of harmful bacteria. Such an imbalance leads to stomach upset, including diarrhea, and begins a cycle of poor digestion and reduced immune function.

Probiotic supplements are proven safe even in vulnerable infants and multiple studies confirm that children taking probiotic bacteria form supplements (Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli) suffer from fewer colds and stomach flus than those who don’t, and their colds were also less severe than those who were not taking probiotics.

Sisu Kids Dophilus Plus Chewables are great tasting and kids’ favourite and deliver a guaranteed amount of healthy bacteria to help prevent GI problems, repair damage, and restore gastrointestinal health in children of all ages.

Supports natural healthy gut flora, and helps improve digestion and absorption of nutrients from food

A factor in colon health and in a healthy immune system

50% bifidobacteria, the family of bacteria most prevalent in children

Bifidobacteria protect against pathogens and promote intestinal, particularly
colon health

Lactobacilli increase in children’s systems as they grow up and work with bifidobacteria to produce essential vitamins and improve lactose intolerance and overall digestion

The two families of bacteria have been proven in human studies to work
together to treat diarrhea

Specially chosen strains that are found naturally in human


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