Kendra’s Dorm Room Freshener

spray-bottleDorm/residence rooms can be stale and smelly. Spritz your own room – or the main rooms.  Essential oils can be put in something as simple as a pot of water on the stove. Cleans the air, kills germs, and smells so much better!

Kendra’s Dorm Room Freshener Mixture

100ml glass spray bottle
– glass is preferable for long term use. Fill bottle ¾ way up with distilled or boiled water
1. Add 5 ml of Witch Hazel
2. 20 to 30 drops of your favorite essential oil (Kendra’s is peppermint)
3. Shake well and enjoy
Rubbing alcohol takes out any resins when re-using your bottles
Other ways to enjoy your Essential Oil
1.Your essential oil can go into the bath tub with Epson salts
– 1 cup of salt to 8
– 10 drops of essential oil.
2. In a cleaning solution.
3. As a massage oil
e.g. Use any vegetable based oil – 30 ml of oil with 20 drops of essential oil.
4. Pot of water on the stove or a diffuser