Project Description

Keywords Developing hidden talents, compassion, love, generosity.
Element Fire-Earth
Chakra Heart and Root
Spiritual Helps to balance yin-yang energy and energies of the earth plane. Rhodonite helps you to value your gifts and talents and to perfect them in order to be of service, for yourself and others.
Emotional This is a stone of self worth. It supports the flow of Chi throughout the meridians of the body.
Physical Good for gallstones, kidney stones and helps with the healing of liver disease or damage. Stimulates,clears and activates the heart chakra all the while working as a grounding stone for the physical and mental energies.

Use Rhodonite to bring love into your heart space.Take the time to love yourself, once you can clearly do this it becomes easier to love others.Rhodonite works with the root chakra by grounding you down to Mother Earth, keeping you in the present moment. While working with this stone you may witness a clarity in the root and heart chakra, experiencing an opening up to the Divine that lives within.

Affirmation I allow compassion, love and generosity to dwell within. I remain connected to the earth energies