Project Description

Garnet Is most commonly known as red, but can be found in many colours.. Garnet activates and strengthens the root chakra, our connection to the physical world, helping to keep us grounded to earth energies. By staying grounded it is more difficult for negative energies to attach themselves. Because of its connection to the root chakra this is a great stone if you are working on awakening the energies of the kundalini. It stimulates the root chakra and crown chakra to provide a free flow of energy to all of the chakras.Garnet provides an energy which can stabilize order within the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual systems. What a wonderful stone to start off the beginning of a new year.Keywords – strength, security
Element Earth
Chakra Root- (1st)
Spiritual Teaches you to develop trust in the wisdom of the Universe, connecting to guides and angels.
Emotional Helps to release worry, fear and anxiety.
Physical Supports healing of physical issues rooted in emotional wounds.
Affirmation I am grounded and connected to the earth energies, I allow this energy to flow freely.