Project Description

Keywords Cooling, Soothing, Courage and Balance.
Element Water
Chakra Throat (5th) Heart (4th)
Spiritual Aquamarine activates the throat chakra, assisting one to speak their truth. It helps to release negative energies and release old patterns.
Emotional Aquamarine helps to release old emotional issues that no longer serve you, it calms the mind so that anger does not consume you. It assists one to navigate grief.

Physical – Because of it’s cooling effect aquamarine is useful for throat aliments, such as sore throats and laryngitis.

Aquamarine While holding a aquamarine feel the beating of your heart, the energies moving upward into your throat chakra. Aquamarine brings balance into your throat chakra. It allows fears and worries to subside helping to deal with issues of past traumas, a adult or from childhood. It brings in the coolness and clarity of the ocean soothing the mind of anxiety, the “to does and the to nots”. It allows you to live in the moment, giving you the courage to speak your truth…allow this truth must come from your heart.
Affirmation I speak my truth with love and kindness.