Project Description

Keywords Mind/Heart integration, spiritual connection, compassion, psychic ability, emotional healing.
Element Earth, Wind
Chakra Heart (4th), crown (7th), etheris (8th and beyond, above the head)
Spiritual Awakens the higher chakras, connecting you to your intuitive self, brings in calmness and awareness to your physical body allowing healing to take place.
Emotional Amegreen assists to release blocked emotions, the energy is then replaced with love and gratitude for self.
Physical Heals all matters of the heart.
Amegreen The combination of amethyst, prasiolite and white quartz makes Amegreen the “Heart” of the crystal kingdom. Truth and love radiates within your very soul, Amegreen will assist you to breathe in love, to breathe out love….from your heart space relieving stress, bringing in compassion which makes for a healthy heart, physically and emotionally.
Affirmation I breathe from my heart.