Cold and Flu Remedies


Cold and Flu Season is upon us again – I have found this current “cold/flu” to be very sturdy and hard to get rid of. Short of throwing everything but the kitchen sink at it, one can be down and out for two to three weeks with that lingering cough or respiratory issue.

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Cold and Flu Remedies



What’s in Your Cupboard?

This has certainly been a season for nasty bugs and virus’s. I myself, caught something this past year – twice. As much as I have at my disposal, this virus was hard to shake. And, unless you hole up in a room all by yourself, shut out the world and family, I have found the only thing one can do is to jump on the supplement bandwagon, immediately.

Attack from at least 4 different directions and be very diligent with your program until things are back to normal. Then continue with some immune system support after that. I have found over the years that the cold/flu will cycle back in 4 weeks if left unchecked. See your Doctor if your health is not improving.

So – what’s in your cupboard?

Ginger root is a staple. It keeps on the shelf or in the freezer. Good for flu, upset stomach, fever. I put 3 dime size slices in a large mug of boiled water. Steep for 15 min., then drink. Depending on your preference, add ½ lemon, squeezed, and some honey.

Elderberry – Your own, or a syrup, is great for flu symptoms and can still go in any hot drink.

Nim Jom – a good cough syrup off the spoon or as a hot drink. Homeocan, Boiron, Hylands & Reckweg have child friendly cough syrups’ as well.

Resprit or Respiractin for the lungs – again can be made into a hot drink.

Oregano Oil – especially the liquid with throat issues.  If you have capsules, open one up and put in a bit of water or juice.  Drink – Oregano is not pleasant but will kill germs in the back of the throat or anywhere. What germ could possibly survive with something that tastes that bad!

Any of the above can be put in any combination or as a single.

Fresh or dry herbs can be used or prepared herbal teas like Traditional Medicinals “Throat Coat”. They can be in conjunction with homeopathics. – Try R1 – fever, infection, influenza.

I keep Oscillococcinum by Boiron or Flu Buster by Homeocan (same product, different company) at home, just in case. Oscillococcinum can be a life saver, any time of the day or night, to reduce flu symptoms and the severity once it has started.

Probiotics support gut health and the immune system.

Never underestimate the power of Vitamin C. 500mg a day will NOT be enough with this bug. Extra Vitamin D will not go amiss either.

Garlic – capsules or raw, are a wonderful addition too. They say Garlic (enough of it) can keep pace with mutating bacteria /viruses.

So may options to choose from. Plan ahead for some of the seasonal supplements or teas. PLUS extra sleep for restoration.

We can help with your program!
Most often, you have some of the items you will need already in your cupboard.

Gosh……I almost forgot.   Essential Oils – clean the air. They are anti-bacterial/ microbial/viral…… Try Karooch’s “Winter Blend” with Thyme, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Pine and Lavender. Ravensara is very anti-viral. My fav – Frankincense and Orange.

Any number of combinations are available for blending. Need to get the oils through the house in a hurry. A pot of water with 10-15 drops of essential oils simmering on the stove top will do just fine.

What’s in the Cupboard for the Children?

Kids Cold and Flu – what Karen suggests!

Many of the items I talked about in last month’s newsletter “What’s in your cupboard?” are relevant for children. 

Most homeopathics, labeled or unlabeled, are safe for use for infants up. However, Homeocan, Hylands, & Boiron have introduced over the years products that are label specific for children.

Some of the products I am carrying in the store are:

  • Homeocan’s – 0 – 9years – Cough and Cold / Pain and Fever / Flu Buster
  • Hylands – Baby – Tiny Cold Tablets / Baby Cough Syrup
  • Boirons – Stodal Honey Cough Syrup / Coryzalia (Nasal Congestion)

When my children were babies we used the Jut-u-sin or the R9 for cough by Dr. Reckeweg and always had in the house
• Bio 87 – bacterial
• Bio 88 – viral
• Bio 93 – immune

Elderberry is still a great option for influenza like symptoms and for age 2+
Esberitox by Enzymatic Therapy with Echinacea/indigo/ thuja and Umcka for viral and strep-type bacteria.

Childrens’ Vitamin D and Vitamin C Chewables or liquid will always be a good cold supportive, as will probiotics.

Need help as to what your child can take. Ask us. There are great options out there.